Lesson 4 Systematic Approach to Teaching

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 6:23 PM
The focus of this lesson is the student as the center of learning. Traditionally, the teacher is the center of the learning process. Instructions are directly given to the students. Students become dependent on the teacher's instructions. In this lesson, instructions are organized and well-planned to meet the student's needs, interest and readiness. Appropriate materials, equipments and facilities are being selected in order to meet the learning needs of the students. The teacher plays a vital role in the learning process to help students become responsive, motivated, participative, and as well as an active learner in the learning environment.

I've learned in this lesson that if we want the student to learn, we should be systematic in our teaching. Breakdown the information into manageable chunks so that it will be easy for them to understand the lessons. I've also learned that feedback or evaluation is very important to know whether the instructional objectives are achieved or not. Soliciting feedback from our students is very essential to know if they understand the lesson or not so that we can give remedial measure to improve the student's performance as well as the teacher's strategies and actions.

As future educator, it is a good thing that we are systematic and organized in our teaching in order to help the students learn and improve their performance. We should administer or employ learning activities such as video presentations or programs, colorful visual aids, interactive class discussions, and the like so that students will not get bored and they will get motivated and inspired.

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