Lesson 6 Using and Evaluating IMs

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 2:47 AM

This lesson focuses on the instructional materials that are engage in learning. Models of facilitating learning consists of establishing learning objective, assessing learner's entry capabilities, designing, selecting, implementing learning activities and evaluating progress toward learning objectives.

Using appropriate instructional materials, methods, and experiences as well as learning instructions - directly or indirectly will help the student in the learning process. Concrete and abstract materials help students design and create meaningful ideas to improve their creativity and higher thinking skills.

To ensure effective teaching, teacher should prepare himself, prepare his students, present the material, and follow-up or solicit feed backs from his students if learning objectives are attained or not. Prepare yourself, be prepare and have the mastery of your subject matter. Prepare your student by unlocking their difficulties by motivating them using activities which will encourage them to participate in the class and establish good relationship between teacher and the student. Present the materials. Materials should be appropriate and suitable for the learner's educational needs. follow-up or solicit feed backs is one way of knowing if your student learn or not. Evaluation helps both teacher and the student in a way that the teacher can make some adjustments if the students have difficulty in the lesson and do appropriate remedial measures or actions if necessary.

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