Lesson 1 Meaning of Educational Technology

Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 4:54 AM

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If we talk about technology, first thing that comes out to our mind is computer or perhaps a video, a player, or a camera. But if we talk about educational technology, it is more than devices, gadgets, and equipments. Educational technology is more than instructional technology in the same way that education is more than instruction. Educational Technology is a complex and integrated process which involves people, devices, procedures, and ideas for effective learning. Through educational technology, students get more motivated, makes learning enjoyable and fun, and makes work of the teachers more easier. Most importantly, it helps in facilitating learning and improves the performance of both teachers and students.

I've learned in this lesson that educational technology plays a vital role in the learning process. Through this, students as well as teachers become more effective and competent. Both learning instructions and materials with the aid of technology helps in facilitating learning, makes learning more fun and enjoyable, and makes work easier.

Educational technology is a big help for us future educators because it will hone our computer skills engage in learning. Power presentation, electronic grading system, computer-generated reports and the like are only some of the good benefits that we could get from technology. Traditional way of teaching becomes more effective if we could apply technology on it.


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