Lesson 2 Technology: Boon or Bane?

Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 5:22 AM
Technology is truly a big help to man. In fact, it is a blessing if used properly. For example is the cellphone. We benefit from the existence of this gadget because it makes communication more easy. We can talk to our love ones away from us. It can also a means of help to our authority if there are emergencies and trouble. We can easily ask for their help through texting and calling. On the contrary, technology becomes bane if it is not used properly for our development and learning. It could be an obstruction to human learning and human development. For example, instead we study our lesson we give more time to other things especially entertaining our BF's/GF's texts or calls. There are also times that we opt to escape our breakfast, lunch, or diner just to buy load. Some people use cellphone to ridicule or bully other person, used it as a triggering device in bombs.

I have learned that technology is really a blessing to human if it is well used to achieve our goals and desires particularly in the attainment of learning objectives. We should maximize and utilize this to the extent that it will satisfy and attain our learning needs and expectations.

Technology becomes an integral part of our educational system if it is well-manipulated towards the achievement of the learning objectives. It serves as a learning aid to facilitate learning and to improve the student's performance. Educational movies and the use of computers will enhance their sensory perceptions engage in learning and it will motivates them to study hard.

Being blessed with knowledge and skills in computer, I will used and share it to help students to learn to their maximum capacity. I will put to their mind that computer should be used properly in order for them to attain learning objectives.

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