Lesson 5 The Cone of Experience

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 7:00 PM

This lesson talks about the cone of experience. This lesson is about how the student conceptualize his experience from concrete to abstract and apply this experience to his learning. According to Edgar Dale, the proponent of this theory, the pattern of arrangement of the bands of experience is not difficulty but rather degree of abstraction. Reading as well as learning must undergo a systematic process from base to the pinnacle. This approach or theory has also a similarity with Jerome S. Bruner, the proponent of Three-Tiered Model of Learning. According to him, the learner is highly recommended to proceed from the enactive to the iconic and only after to the symbolic. Learning should not end in the abstract. Learning should be from the concrete to the abstract, from abstract to the concrete and so on and so fort. Let learning be a cycle and a continuous process.

What I've learned in this lesson is that too much reliance concrete experience may cause detriment to the learning process. We should not also on the concrete experiences but also help students to balance their experiences from concrete to abstract. We should strive hard to bring the learner to symbolic level of learning and to develop and hone their higher order thinking skills.

According to an educator, the best teacher is our own experiences. We learn from our own experiences. We learn to discover things, create ideas in our own way, and we able to build images from it. As future educator, we must help our students to develop these experiences into more fun and as part of their active learning. Let these experiences be a part of their learning. From a simple or concrete experience to abstract one.

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Lesson 4 Systematic Approach to Teaching

at 6:23 PM
The focus of this lesson is the student as the center of learning. Traditionally, the teacher is the center of the learning process. Instructions are directly given to the students. Students become dependent on the teacher's instructions. In this lesson, instructions are organized and well-planned to meet the student's needs, interest and readiness. Appropriate materials, equipments and facilities are being selected in order to meet the learning needs of the students. The teacher plays a vital role in the learning process to help students become responsive, motivated, participative, and as well as an active learner in the learning environment.

I've learned in this lesson that if we want the student to learn, we should be systematic in our teaching. Breakdown the information into manageable chunks so that it will be easy for them to understand the lessons. I've also learned that feedback or evaluation is very important to know whether the instructional objectives are achieved or not. Soliciting feedback from our students is very essential to know if they understand the lesson or not so that we can give remedial measure to improve the student's performance as well as the teacher's strategies and actions.

As future educator, it is a good thing that we are systematic and organized in our teaching in order to help the students learn and improve their performance. We should administer or employ learning activities such as video presentations or programs, colorful visual aids, interactive class discussions, and the like so that students will not get bored and they will get motivated and inspired.

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Lesson 3

Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 9:30 PM
The Roles of Educational Technology in Learning

In this lesson, technology plays a significant role in learning and there are two approaches that are engage in the learning process - the traditional perspective and the constructivist perspective. The traditional approach or perspective is just like spoon-feeding. The learner learns from the technology without doing nothing. Meaning to say, the learner is just a passive recipient of the technology. No interactions involve between the learner and the technology. And technology itself serves as a teacher. Whereas in constructivist approach, there is an active involvement of the student or the learner in the learning process with the aid of technology. Students are able to construct and build meaningful information about what have they seen, read, and heard using these technologies. Students learn with the technology as they experience it and technology serves as a collaborator in the learning process. Technology, as an integral part of the educational system, increases the fun in learning, helps motivate both the teacher and the students and helps in facilitating learning.

I've learned in this lesson that technology is a learning tool to learn with and not a tool to learn from. Technology should not serve as the teacher of the students but rather serves as an information vehicle for exploring knowledge to support the students in constructing meaningful ideas, understandings, and beliefs.

As a future educator, I can apply technology in my lessons by making power point presentations to make a new "twist" in teaching and new strategies to catch the attention of the students and make them aware that computer or technology is not a harmful thing but rather a friend that will help them in their studies if properly used. I can also make electronic grading system that will lessen my work and time consumption.

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Lesson 2 Technology: Boon or Bane?

at 5:22 AM
Technology is truly a big help to man. In fact, it is a blessing if used properly. For example is the cellphone. We benefit from the existence of this gadget because it makes communication more easy. We can talk to our love ones away from us. It can also a means of help to our authority if there are emergencies and trouble. We can easily ask for their help through texting and calling. On the contrary, technology becomes bane if it is not used properly for our development and learning. It could be an obstruction to human learning and human development. For example, instead we study our lesson we give more time to other things especially entertaining our BF's/GF's texts or calls. There are also times that we opt to escape our breakfast, lunch, or diner just to buy load. Some people use cellphone to ridicule or bully other person, used it as a triggering device in bombs.

I have learned that technology is really a blessing to human if it is well used to achieve our goals and desires particularly in the attainment of learning objectives. We should maximize and utilize this to the extent that it will satisfy and attain our learning needs and expectations.

Technology becomes an integral part of our educational system if it is well-manipulated towards the achievement of the learning objectives. It serves as a learning aid to facilitate learning and to improve the student's performance. Educational movies and the use of computers will enhance their sensory perceptions engage in learning and it will motivates them to study hard.

Being blessed with knowledge and skills in computer, I will used and share it to help students to learn to their maximum capacity. I will put to their mind that computer should be used properly in order for them to attain learning objectives.

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Lesson 1 Meaning of Educational Technology

at 4:54 AM

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If we talk about technology, first thing that comes out to our mind is computer or perhaps a video, a player, or a camera. But if we talk about educational technology, it is more than devices, gadgets, and equipments. Educational technology is more than instructional technology in the same way that education is more than instruction. Educational Technology is a complex and integrated process which involves people, devices, procedures, and ideas for effective learning. Through educational technology, students get more motivated, makes learning enjoyable and fun, and makes work of the teachers more easier. Most importantly, it helps in facilitating learning and improves the performance of both teachers and students.

I've learned in this lesson that educational technology plays a vital role in the learning process. Through this, students as well as teachers become more effective and competent. Both learning instructions and materials with the aid of technology helps in facilitating learning, makes learning more fun and enjoyable, and makes work easier.

Educational technology is a big help for us future educators because it will hone our computer skills engage in learning. Power presentation, electronic grading system, computer-generated reports and the like are only some of the good benefits that we could get from technology. Traditional way of teaching becomes more effective if we could apply technology on it.

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