Lesson 3

Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 9:30 PM
The Roles of Educational Technology in Learning

In this lesson, technology plays a significant role in learning and there are two approaches that are engage in the learning process - the traditional perspective and the constructivist perspective. The traditional approach or perspective is just like spoon-feeding. The learner learns from the technology without doing nothing. Meaning to say, the learner is just a passive recipient of the technology. No interactions involve between the learner and the technology. And technology itself serves as a teacher. Whereas in constructivist approach, there is an active involvement of the student or the learner in the learning process with the aid of technology. Students are able to construct and build meaningful information about what have they seen, read, and heard using these technologies. Students learn with the technology as they experience it and technology serves as a collaborator in the learning process. Technology, as an integral part of the educational system, increases the fun in learning, helps motivate both the teacher and the students and helps in facilitating learning.

I've learned in this lesson that technology is a learning tool to learn with and not a tool to learn from. Technology should not serve as the teacher of the students but rather serves as an information vehicle for exploring knowledge to support the students in constructing meaningful ideas, understandings, and beliefs.

As a future educator, I can apply technology in my lessons by making power point presentations to make a new "twist" in teaching and new strategies to catch the attention of the students and make them aware that computer or technology is not a harmful thing but rather a friend that will help them in their studies if properly used. I can also make electronic grading system that will lessen my work and time consumption.

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