Lesson 5 The Cone of Experience

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 7:00 PM

This lesson talks about the cone of experience. This lesson is about how the student conceptualize his experience from concrete to abstract and apply this experience to his learning. According to Edgar Dale, the proponent of this theory, the pattern of arrangement of the bands of experience is not difficulty but rather degree of abstraction. Reading as well as learning must undergo a systematic process from base to the pinnacle. This approach or theory has also a similarity with Jerome S. Bruner, the proponent of Three-Tiered Model of Learning. According to him, the learner is highly recommended to proceed from the enactive to the iconic and only after to the symbolic. Learning should not end in the abstract. Learning should be from the concrete to the abstract, from abstract to the concrete and so on and so fort. Let learning be a cycle and a continuous process.

What I've learned in this lesson is that too much reliance concrete experience may cause detriment to the learning process. We should not also on the concrete experiences but also help students to balance their experiences from concrete to abstract. We should strive hard to bring the learner to symbolic level of learning and to develop and hone their higher order thinking skills.

According to an educator, the best teacher is our own experiences. We learn from our own experiences. We learn to discover things, create ideas in our own way, and we able to build images from it. As future educator, we must help our students to develop these experiences into more fun and as part of their active learning. Let these experiences be a part of their learning. From a simple or concrete experience to abstract one.

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